Pole Dancing

Learn how to shimmy, twirl, spin and fly around and on the Pole in our Pole Dancing courses.

Each of our courses are 6-weeks in length and are structured to help you get comfortable with the moves, build strength and advance your skills. We work on routines to help build your coordination and help you learn how to flow effortlessly from one move to the next. Choose to focus on the skills, tricks and transitions in our Pole Dancing Courses (barefeet, more fitness focused), or choose to work on flow, dance and sexy goddess vibes in our Exotic Pole Dancing Courses (heels required, click on link for discount code)


This is an amazing workout for your upper body and core – and the BEST workout for your confidence! We are a 17 pole studio with lots of space between poles, high ceilings and two beautiful rooms – we offer a great setting to learn this art form and it is a great way to connect with new friends.

Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome!

Level 1

6 WEEKS | Start dates coming soon

Classes are typically held on the weekday evenings. New schedule for May 2023 coming soon.


This 6 week course is designed to uplift you, physically and mentally! We start with simple spins to hep you get your feet off the ground and get comfortable moving around the pole. We work on both the physical aspect of pole (such as strength building) as well as adding in the sensual side. Each week you learn one to two SPINS, and one to two DANCE moves. We piece them together into a routine.


The 6 week course is broken up into

* Static Pole – builds strength and  body awareness
* Spinning Pole – so much fun! Builds confidence and gives you freedom

* Photo/routine week – mini photo shoot just for you, plus we practice our routine in  full! 1 hour class, once per week, plus access to open pole practice times included.

Once you complete Pole Level 1 you can move on to Pole Level 2 OR Exotic Pole Level 1

Level 2

6 WEEKS | Start dates coming soon

This 6 week course is definitely a step up from level 1 – we put more focus on building strength, endurance and pain tolerance.

We focus on learning the big two moves – Climbing the Pole, and Inverting on the Pole. Both of these moves take time and technique to learn, so we break them down to make them achievable. They can cause “Pole kisses” (bruises), but the pain is worth it and your amazing tricks you learn are so satisfying to conquer. 

We do include dance moves to learn each week, as well as the more challenging acrobatic moves. We also have a slow sassy routine that we build on each week.

This course is amazing at increasing your upper body strength and will empower you to push your limits and achieve moves you didn’t think you could ever do! 

You are ready to move on to Level 3 Pole Dance if you are able to climb and sit confidently, and if you can invert confidently.

Level 3 & 4

6 WEEKS | Start dates coming soon

Level 3 and 4 build on the climbing, sitting and inverting that you have learnt in Level 2.  

Each class will contain strength training at the beginning, new Pole tricks and moves each week, combined with some dance moves and a short, fun routine to learn at the end.

The 6 weeks will challenge you and help you grow in strength and confidence. We start to work out how to hang off the pole, push of the pole, slide down the pole and just generally do some bad ass pole tricks. We learn stunning poses, daring tricks and fun transitions. 

To move from Level 3 to Level 4 you must have good Inside and Outside Leg hangs, super confident inverts and be able to hold a butterfly and exit out safely.

To move from Level 4 to Level 5 – hereafter known as advanced Pole, you must be able to do a cross knee release,  Inside and Outside Leg hangs, Butterflys, Extended Butterflys and Flat line. 

Level 5 & up

6 WEEKS | Start dates coming soon

Once you reach Level 5 you are working towards some of those super cool tricks you have probably seen online – like your Superman, Shoulder Mount, Brass Monkey and more. They are impressive and take time, practice and patience to learn. So after this course we just call all further courses “ADVANCED POLE” as it is a continual journey that you will be able to work on.

We focus more on transitioning from move to move, rather than executing one move at a time – this builds endurance and fluidity. 

 Whether you are learning Superman for the first time, or working on your Handspring Ayesha, or perhaps a Deadlift Shoulder Mount – this level will be taught by our highly experienced instructors who can will give you challenges each week to help you reach your goal. 


Exotic Pole Dance

Our Exotic Pole Dance classes are unique, fun, challenging and confidence building. These classes require the use of proper exotic pole heels with a big platform. Concentration on lines, ankle strength and proper technique will be a focus of these class. Pleaser brand stripper style boots or heels mandatory. Boots highly recommended due to a lot of sliding on the toes. (Other approved heels brands include Hella Heels, Bespoke by Cha Cha, Heelz n Thrills, Lee Cabe Shoes etc). Kneepads are also mandatory – any volleyball style knee pad will work. Street heels or boots will not work for this class and will not be allowed due to safety issues and may cause injury. 

We recommend ordering a pair from Shoe Freaks as we have a very limited number and sizes of heels to lend students. Use the code POLEBYBLISS to get 15% off your first order.

Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome!

Exotic Level 1

6 WEEKS | Start dates coming soon

This fabulous class is filled with dance moves, floor tricks and a few basic spins. It is important that you have done Level 1 or some sort of Pole Dancing course before so that you are not brand new to Pole when you start this course.

We teach the basics of floor work and exotic moves for those who are new to the art of sensual Pole Dance.

Wearing heels can be a new challenge for many people, so we take it slow and teach you how to walk and move confidently in them.  New moves each week are then put into a beautiful full length routine built up over 6 weeks. Heels and knee pads are essential. We do teach the basics of simple shoulder rolls in this course, and build on that even more in level 2. 

Exotic Level 2

6 WEEKS |Start dates coming soon

Level 2 Exotic takes the foundational skills you learnt in level 1, and amps it up. More variation in the shoulder rolls, increased complexity in the foot work, and sexy new ways to get up and down in heels.

Our choreography is different each week – keeping the style of dance fresh and fun. Sometimes we are slow and slinky, sometimes fast and sassy, sometimes rock, sometimes hip hop.

Before moving into the Advanced Exotic level you must feel confident with Forward and Backward Shoulder rolls, as well as Crescent rolls, along with being prepared for more complex footwork and more intense strength based choreography.


Exotic Advanced

6 WEEKS |Start dates coming soon

Exotic Advanced is exactly what the name implies. Choreography is different every week, varying in style and speed, and we work on fantastic, fun and empowering routines that will get you strong, get your moving sensually, and get you excited to come back each week. 

The mini routines each week will utilize the foundational moves taught in Level 1 and 2, and will always add in new tricks and transitions. This is a great workout for your brain as it pushes itself to keep up with the moves and transitions.