Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing as a sport, expression of art, form of fitness and just for pure enjoyment is growing in popularity across the world. And there is a reason why!

At Bliss Be Fit we have a passion for Pole Dancing because it builds our students up in so many ways – confidence, empowerment, physical strength, stamina, sensuality and more. We love seeing the growth and the connection our students experience in our studio. 

Everyone new to Pole Dancing starts with Intro To Pole Classes – and from that 6 week trial session you can choose what avenue to take, because there are so many different ways to Pole Dance. 


This is an amazing workout for your upper body and core – and the BEST workout for your confidence! Our studio a dedicated space for Pole Dancing – one with 15 poles. Our classes range from Beginner to Advanced, Acrobatic to Exotic, Cross Training classes to Choreographed routine classes – we hope you find something you love.

Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome – women, men and however else you identify are welcome, we pride ourselves on a safe and inclusive environment!
All Courses are 6 week long – Choose the day and time that works for you, and attend that session each week. 

Intro to Pole Dancing

Starting the week of May 20

  • Wednesdays 8pm

If you are brand new to Pole Dancing start here – the 6 weeks gives you a little taste of the many styles we offer. We will learn some spins, work on strength, learn dance moves on and around the pole – and weave all that together into beautiful routines.

We demo our Lap Dancing classes, and our Exotic Pole classes, you try spinning Pole, and you get to experience the fitness, acrobatic, and dance aspects of Pole Dancing.

Bare feet and exercise clothing are required – and no, you don’t have to be ‘strong’ already – we will build up your strength and your confidence and help you find the style you love most.

Book for the day and week that works for you. One class per week, plus practice times available.


Levelled Pole Courses

Most starting the week of May 20

*Advanced courses will be starting on May 16, with no class on May 23

*Sunday Level 1 & Monday Level 2 will start on the week of May 26

  • Level 1 – Mondays 8pm
  • Level 1 – Sundays 10am (5 weeks)
  • Level 2 – Mondays 6pm (5 weeks)
  • Level 2 – Wednesdays 7pm
  • Level 3 – Tuesdays 8pm
  • Level 4 & 5 – Tuesdays 8pm
  • Advanced – Thursdays 8pm

Our Levelled Pole Courses will take you down to the more acrobatic aspect of Pole Dancing. We learn more spins, tricks, and aerial moves. We do still have a dance component, but there is a larger focus on the strength of Pole Dancing – building it up, and how to use it once you have it. Shorts required.

Level 1 – More Fundamental Spins and Holds plus learning to sit on the Pole.

Level 2 – Learning to Climb and Invert

Level 3 & 4 – Learning inverted Pole Tricks. exploring what you can do on the Pole once you are upside down!

Advanced Pole (Level 5 & up). This is our advanced Pole class where you will continue to grow your strength & confidence PLUS focus on combining many of your skills and tricks into a FLOW! How to move from one trick to another beautifully and effortlessly.


Exotic Pole Courses

Most starting the week of May 20

*Exotic Advanced which will be starting on May 16, with no class on May 23

*Sunday Pole Fusion Level 2 & Monday Exotic Level 1 will start on the week of May 26

  • Exotic Level 1 – Mondays 7pm (5 weeks)
  • Exotic Advanced Thursdays 7pm
  • Pole Fusion Level 1 – Tuesdays 6pm
  • Pole Fusion Level 2 – Sundays 11am (5 weeks)
  • Pole Fusion Level 2.5 – Tuesdays 7pm

Embrace the alluring aspect of Pole Dancing and delve into the sensual origins of this Art Form

We wear proper knee pads and proper platform Pole Heels for this class (link and discount code below).

A heavy focus on how to move well and safely in heels, and learning foundational moves plus mini routines each week  will help build your core strength, hip strength, confidence and sensuality.

Level 1 starts you off with walking, shoulder rolls, pirouettes and other turns, and how to get up and down from the floor WHILE still looking good (harder than it sounds!)

Fun, sexy, sassy and a huge confidence builder.

Pole Dance Routines

Watch for upcoming classes

  • Not Scheduled

This class is a fun, upbeat course that changes styles each week. We learn a new routine each week, with flavours like Lyrical, Contemporary, Ballet, Burlesque, Chair and Pole and more. We keep it at a level 1 intensity so that it remains open to more students. Our instructors teach what inspires them that week, and you get to experience a little bit of it all.

You must have completed Intro to Pole & Level 1 Pole Dancing to join on this one, as moves from these classes will be included. Higher level students will find this helps build their coordination and enjoyment of Pole – even if it is not as physically demanding. Done in bare feet or socks, not in heels. Knee pads may be required for some sessions, great to have a set on you for every class just in case.

Pole Cross Training

Starting the week of April 7

  • PoleGa – Wednesdays 8pm
  • Strength & Conditioning – Wednesdays 7pm

The best results for our students come from doing a few hours of pole-related workouts a week.

One hour of Pole a week will mean a slow progression towards attaining Pole Goals. But if you add in Some PoleGa (Pole & Yoga together) to increase your flexibility, mobility and joint strength, or some Pole Fit to improve your overall strength and conditioning for Pole Specific skills, you will notice improvements in your Pole Skills much faster.

You can book a whole series or single classes.
Intro to Pole class is a pre-requisite

important information

    • Our courses are 6 weeks long. You book in for the day and time that works best for you. If you miss a class, you can attend a make up class in the SAME level on another day. This must be done within the 6 weeks of the course, no class will roll over
    • Payment options for the course run from a Single class, once per week for $142.85 OR Membership options for multiple classes per week. Memberships are available in Silver, Gold, Platinum and Elite – see the Pricing Tab for more information
    • All courses include some Pole Practice time – this is uninstructed time where you can come and practice your moves and work on your strength. See the schedule for these, we offer a minimum of 3 each week, often more.
    • Intro to Pole is done in regular exercise clothes, bare feet, and ideally capri or full length pants. Level 1 and up requires shorts. Exotic Requires Heels and Knee pads (see below).
    • For Exotic Pole we recommend ordering a pair of Heels from Shoe Freaks as we have a very limited number and sizes of heels to lend students. Use the code POLEBYBLISS to get 15% off your first order.

Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome!