Baby Wearing Dance Classes

Tuesdays 11am with Robyn

Robyn teaches a combination of Zumba & Konga to our Moms and babies. This class is for those Moms who are 6months plus post partum and have returned to some form of exercise already. We do a combination of Zumba (the Latin Dance music class) and Konga (pop and hip hop, with a boxing feel). Taking into account you are carrying your baby in a carrier – this a great workout, a great chance to meet other Moms, move your body and let your baby enjoy the music too. 

6 week course – $90 for the course. 

Fridays 11am with Charolette

Charolette teaches new Moms how to safely move again following the birth of their baby. For Moms with babys 6 weeks and older, returning to exercise for the first time since giving birth. 
She teaches proper wear of the baby carrier, how to move safely with baby on you. More controlled movement, but set to super fun music, and with time after class to chat with the other Moms. 


6 week course – $90 for the course.