About Us

Our Story

Bliss Be Fit is located in the heart of downtown Grande Prairie offering Pole Dancing, Zumba®, The b. class®,  POUND® Fitness and KONGA®.

Our goal as a studio is to spread the love of movement – to help people step out of the stressful parts of their life and into the joyful parts. Even if it is just for 1 hour, let us help you turn off your brain, connect to your body and feel the rhythm. 

The Bliss community fosters a supportive and welcoming environment. Connect with like-minded individuals during class and through our Bliss social media pages.

Bliss Be Fit History

Bliss Be Fit started as Zumba Bliss in 2010 with classes in Grande Prairie, Spirit River and Beaverlodge. Our classes grew rapidly, and the support from students was overwhelming. It is with that support that we opened our doors to an official studio space in September of 2015. We continue to offer Zumba to this day, and we love to add new fitness classes as they become available. We are passionate about moving our bodies to music, and this means we are always looking to grow and offer more variety in our classes.

Our goal is to build a community of individuals who want to move their bodies, get out of their heads, feel the beat and find their confidence. When you combine music and movement a person can really forget about the troubles of their day and focus instead on feeling connected to their bodies and enjoy that hour of freedom.

The variety of classes on offer at the studio means there is something for everyone – whether you want to lose yourself in the latin music of Zumba Fitness, connect to the powerful lyrics and simple movements in The b.Class or kick some ass in Pound – we got you. Or alternatively come and build core and upper body strength in Pole and discover the sexy side of yourself at the same time.