Babywearing Dance Fitness Mini Series – Starting May 6 & 10, 24

Babywearing Dance Fitness Mini Series – Starting May 6 & 10, 24

Welcome to the Babywearing Dance Fitness Mini Series at Bliss Be Fit, where we’re we have fun while getting fit with our little ones in tow! You, your adorable bundle of joy, and a bunch of other wonderful women will be grooving to some catchy tunes for a solid 45 minutes. Yep, you heard that right – it’s going to be a dance party!

Meet other moms who are right there with you – sharing sleepless nights, diaper changes, giggles, and everything in between. There’s something truly magical about dancing with your baby snuggled up to you. It’s like your very own special moment that says, “Hey kiddo, we’re in this together!”

We’re not just here to bust a move; we want you to break a sweat too. And guess what? All the dances and exercises are super beginner-friendly. So even if you’ve got two left feet, no worries! We’ve got your back (and your left foot) covered.

It’s not just about breaking a sweat or perfecting your dance moves (although, we’re totally here for that too). It’s about making memories, discovering new friendships, and embracing the beauty of parenthood – one dance step at a time. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your baby carrier, slip on your dancing shoes, and join us for the ultimate Babywearing Dance Fitness Class. Let’s get grooving!

To book your Babywearing Dance Fitness Class, check out the following options

Join us on Mondays starting on May 6, 24 with Charolette
This class is tailor-made for beginners, with a primary focus on aiding in the recovery of strength and mobility following pregnancy. Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey after giving birth or looking to ease back into physical activity, this class is designed to support you every step of the way.

Join us on Fridays starting on May 10, 24 with Robyn
In this class, cardio fitness and footwork take center stage, drawing inspiration from the lively and energetic styles of Zumba and Konga. Participants can expect a high-energy workout experience that combines rhythmic movements, dance-inspired choreography, and upbeat music to get their hearts pumping and bodies moving.